Wine Rack Furniture – 5 Storage Tips To Ensure Wine Quality

Posted on August 19, 2010


When selecting your ideal wine rack furniture, it is important to keep in mind a few factors that will have an impact on the quality and taste of your wine once it is stored. Here are a few tips that will make a HUGE difference if you are planning to age your wine to perfection:

1. Store wine at a diagonal postion (with the label up) – Sometimes it may not be possible to store wine at this angle, and that is quite okay but, it is more beneficial for wine storage if the wine corks are kept moistened to ensure no air is allowed to affect the wine ageing process. Also remember to keep the labels face up which is helpful for assisting you in locating a specific wine when you need to retrieve it for later usage or consumption.

2. Consider the temperature of the room. The temperature of the room must remain at a constant level because any fluctuation can effect the wine negatively. You will want to place your wine rack in an area that is neither too warm nor too cold. According to Dr. Alexander Pandell from the ideal temperature for storing wine should be between 50℉ and 60℉.

3. Think about the material you choose for your wine rack storage. If it is for long term storage then this type of detail can go a long way in attempting to perserve the wine. Consider wine racks that are made from materials other than metal since metal is more likely, than other materials, to conduct the heat (or coolness) based upon the temperature of the room thereby affecting the temperature of the wine itself. This is why it is also important for the area where the wine will be stored to remain at a constant temperature.

4. Make sure you have appropriate lighting for the area where your wine will be stored – Wine thrives in areas with minimal lighting, the darker the room, the better because light (even artificial lighting) can cause the wine to deteriorate in quality.

5. Think about the level of hiumidity of the room the wine will be stored. When thinking about a place to for your wine it is best to keep the humidity at an average level with a good balance because too much moisture can obviously cause mold while not enough moisture will cause the cork to dry out, exposing the wine to air which can inhibit the wine preservation process.

All of these tips should be taken into consideration when determining where to place one’s wine rack. Once you have your beautiful piece of wine rack furniture then it is best to determine all of these conditions of a storage space before simply placing your wine in any regular space.

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