Turn A Coffin Into Contemporary Wine Rack Furniture

Posted on August 25, 2010


When you think of coffins….what is the first thing that comes into mind?

Well if “death” is what you are thinking then the makers of this wine rack have something that is just for you…

What if death could be a little less….well…dark and gloomy (after all we all have to end our life cycle at some point in time).

This Nextgen coffin by a company called TenderRest helps bring an element of serneity and peace to a funeral by making the coffin out of materials that are not only pleasing to the eye and visual senses but are eco-friendly and safe for the earth (as well as you/your loved one’s body)….

But the thing that is even more interesting than the materialls of the coffin are the fact that the coffin can be repurposed into a very nice piece of wine rack furniture.

Let’s say that you are someone who:

  • wants an interesting or uniqe peice of furniture to  store or  display your wine
  • already know what kind of coffin you want to use when you die and think it would be interesting to store some of your wine in the mean time
Then this is something that I am sure you will take pure delight in…

Check out a picture below as well as learn more about the creators at http://tenderrest.co.nz/products.html

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