How to Find the Best Wood Wine Rack For Your Home

Posted on September 3, 2010


The first thing that has to be considered while choosing a wood wine rack is whether to go for horizontal or vertical. Many people prefer to have horizontal racks for its advantages over the vertical rack. While vertical rack allows the user to read the labels easily, the cork of the bottle dries up sooner causing it to shrink which allows the air to enter the bottle. This will contaminate the wine in the bottle. This is the main reason why many prefer horizontal racks.

When the required direction of the wine rack has been selected, the next step that is to be looked forward is the material with which the wine rack has been made out. Either metal or wood is used for the construction of wine rack. There are even different varieties of styles available to choose from. The best and the conventional design is wall mounted, hanging, counter top and free standing rack. If you wish to have your wine rack made from metal then you can choose from the wrought iron hanging or the vintage view wall mounted racks. Wrought iron is used commonly to manufacture wine racks. If the racks were to be made from wood, there are number of materials available and with different finishes. The commonly used wooden materials are the maple tree wood, mahogany tree wood and walnut tree wood.

The last and the final thing to be considered before zeroing on to a particular wine rack is the size of the rack as well as the cost. Wine racks which are sued for personnel collection may cost anywhere between $20 and $1000. The cost depends on the size and the finish of the rack. There are number of workshops that provide good wine racks made with metal as well as wood with different finishes and materials. Wooden wine racks can be considered who love to have an earthy look their living room or the kitchen cabinets where the wine rack is coming up. There are still many people who get attracted towards the metal wine rack as there are many shapes and styles available unlike the wooden wine rack with traditional design. The best way to look out for the perfect wine rack is a small matter of knowing what you are actually looking for and where you should look out for.

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Very interesting post I found. When selecting a wine rack for your room take these tips into consideration…

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