Interesting Wine Rack Furniture – A Tree Stump?

Posted on September 27, 2010


Are you looking for an interesting piece of wine rack furniture?

Do you want something that will definitely catch the attention of your guest at your next dinner party or social gathering?

I stumbled across a website,, featuring this wine rack that showcased a tree stmp which was transformed into a wine rack that can hold 4-5 bottles of wine. It is a very attention-grabbing piece of furniture and serves a basic function of holding/storing wine for later use. 

Most of you are used to seeing wine racks that are made out of metal or the traditional type of wood so this wine rack is something that is truely an original. Rather than use wood boards to construct a traditional wine rack, the creator of this rack just used the whole tree stump….quite intersting I must say…and it is DEFINITELY a conversation piece.

Just make sure your house is free of termites before using this one.

You would also probably want to add a finish to the wood to ensure it maintains it beautiful finish. If you are considering something unique and small for storage of a few bottles of wine then this rack is perfect you you.

Also, if you like trying new and interesting things then this might be an idea for your next wine rack, especially if you are more on the daring side. Although the site lists this wine rack as basic and simple, I believe it is anything but…

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